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The Tale of Jordan Manfree!

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The Tale of Jordan Manfree!

Post by Diamond_miner56 on Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:58 am

(This is all post 7 hour war! Most (Basicly All) RPED on The Crew all the way to The Event Whorizion.)

Chapter One: The Arrival.:
Jordan woke up on the train heading to City 45 his memory a little blank from the events before the train, A man spoke to him saying "Have a nice sleep? Haha, Its been twelve hours man, you sleep a lot! Anyways, we are almost at the city.". Jordan replied with "Oh alright...Where are we going again?", "City 45, Jeez you are clueless, Haha" Said the man. Jordan then sat up looking out the window watching the tunnel lights pass by, He would look around the train car seeing a few citizens maybe twelve. Jordan decided to keep to his thoughts the rest of the ride...

Opon arrival to City 45 Jordan collected a suitcase that had been beside him the whole time strolling off the train, He casually looked around the Train Station before entering the plaza. Immediately after entering the plaza he noticed a man in a blue suit walking across the catwalks carrying a brief case, He shook his head and continued walking, Jordan made his way to the apartment complex and grabbed his key to Apartment A4. Jordan spent the next few days by himself making himself at home. During one ration cycle Jordan met a man named Jack, Jack Bazid. Jordan and Jack talked for a few minutes about loyalty and the combine. After that conversation Jordan felt differently about the combine and the resistance..

Chapter Two: The Gang.:
Jordan entered the Plaza with the thought of the resistance in mind, He noticed the man in the blue suit again he again shook his head and kept on walking, While walking near D6 he met a man this man was called Tyrone Jackson. Tyrone and Jordan conversed a little before planning a little something, A civil protection kidnapping. Jordan and Tyrone planned a little more before picking out their CP, They choose an 03. They tailed the 03 for a while before one of them lured them to a warehouse, the other waited inside and knocked out the CP, the two tied the CP and robbed him of his equipment. After the robbing Tyrone shot the CP, Jordan was petrified as he had never seen death in front of him before...

Tyrone and Jordan ran into this building, Jordan thought it was a dead end but Tyrone slapped a button on the wall and the wall slide open as revealed a secret room. Jordan and Tyrone ran into it, they jumped down a ladder into the sewers and run through some narrow tunnels. They made it to this room with a red flicking light, two other men where in there, one by the name of Reggie, the other Curtis. The two told them what had happened and Reggie invited them into their "gang". Jordan was still a bit shooken from the CPs death but he slowly got accustomed to the new gang life...


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