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Ban/Unban Template

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Ban/Unban Template

Post by Colonel HollerHavoc on Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:37 am

All users and/or staff must use the required format below to submit a ban request, if you do not use this format, the request will be deleted or locked by Staff. Copy and Paste the format below to proceed with your request.


Steam name:
Steam ID:

What was the reason for your ban?:

How long is your ban?:

Which admin banned you?:

Why do you feel that we should give you a second chance?:

If you feel you were wrongly banned, do you have anything to support this?:


Steam name:
Steam ID:

Name of the person you wish to ban:
Their steam ID (If possible):

Why do you want this person banned? Explain what happend:

Do you have any evidence such as screenshots, or any witnesses?:

List the rules you think they have broken:

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Daniel Fernandez: Alive, Level 5 CWU, Doing whatever he possibly can to benefit the CCA.

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