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Bio-Gel, The Universal Medical Item.

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Bio-Gel, The Universal Medical Item.

Post by Colonel HollerHavoc on Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:49 pm

UU Standardized Medical Equipment


Developed by Universal Union, This Mitosis based gel works to heal cells faster and effectively by replicating them rapidly so they will heal. This does not mean that the Gel can heal instantly, it is merely to speed the process to get those injured CCA units back in the Field Faster!

-Increases Mitosis (cells regenerate and repair faster)
-Provides a barrier on the wound.
-Provides antibiotics to prevent infection.
-Wounds heal faster (a gunshot wound would only take 2-3 days to heal rather then a month)
-Can be ingested to help with internal wounds.
-Not difficult to administer with little medical training. 

-Chance to cause scarring.
-Reactive to certain chemicals

You will apply it directly on the area to invoke the effects. If you have a wound and it is being treated, your body will need to heal itself. Biogel only helps treat the wound fast. This is used commonly by HELIX Units and can be twice as more effective if administered properly by a HELIX trained unit. It is fairly straight forward application wise, with a very trivial spreading of the substance on the wound. It has been tested and certified to be extremely reliable.

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