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Loyalist System

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Loyalist System

Post by Slashraider on Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:29 pm

Level 1 Loyalist - 10
+Minor Loyalist respect status
+Access to simple fabric accessories like beanies (Physical Desc-Wise)
+Access to Union Employment
+Access to Union Military enlistment
+A Level 1 Loyalist Armband

Level 2 Loyalist - 20
+Minor Loyalist respect status
+Given the ability to obtain small house electronics that pass the Union size policy such as a small television
+Access to Union prescribed glasses wear
+A Level 2 Loyalist Armband

Level 3 Loyalist -40
+Mid-Loyalist respect status
+Access to own and consume fruit products and normal forms of food products
+Level 3 Loyalist Armband
+Access to small electronics that cannot in any way be used for communication or can harm the Union and it's equipment in any way. An electronic device which is without radiowaves or disruptive features.

Level 4 Loyalist -60
+Major Loyalist status
+Access and permission to Loyalist Housing and ownership
+Level 4 Loyalist Armband
+Access to join the Civil Workers Union

Level 5 Loyalist -100
+Major Loyalist status
+Access to the Union Loyalist Party
+Access to enlist in Union Political jobs of the district pertaining to things with the administrator
+Access to the nexus under escort of a Civil Protection Officer
+Access to larger home electronics
+Access to a suit or other fine Union branded clothing
+Access to a Union Approved Radio device.
+Level 5 Loyalist Armband

Administrator :
Dr. Hiroshi Saga - Running the CCA from his office while eating takeout.
Citizen(s) :
Shea Vegas - DEAD
Loyalist(s) :
Patrick Free - Slowly recovering from his insanity and he is starting to work at the CWU Goods Store and the Hospital again.
Enslaved Biotic(s) :
Combine(s) :
CCA-C18-GHOST-DvL.32789 - Bringing the GHOST division back to life.
Anti-citizen(s) :
Lucy "Hera" Dellgott - DEAD

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