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New policy within the CCA.

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New policy within the CCA.

Post by Slashraider on Mon Feb 10, 2014 10:35 pm

Units ranked 05-01 will not talk to CmD+. They will report everything to their Divisional Leader and then the DvL will report to the CmD. Units ranked 05-01 will never ask to see CmD, only he can call you up to talk if he needs to speak with you. Once you reach the rank of EpU, you can take orders from the CmD.

We will fill the empty DvL ranks (Not asspullingly) so if you want to reach the DvL status then be the best you can on your unit. (Mostly talking to the Nova division)

DvLs. You should be on more often. Your units need to talk to you and you need to report their actions to the CmD. DvLs count towards ratio but you can break it briefly to deal with your units.
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