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The Event Horizon: Roll Bonuses

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The Event Horizon: Roll Bonuses

Post by Colonel HollerHavoc on Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:14 pm

To help enforce realism with the roll system, we take a couple key facts into effect and modify the roll system as such.

Citizens are malnourished and weak.
They also have the most numbers and set the standard for rolls.
(aka +0)

The UU

CCA receive benefits that would increase there physical performance making them qualified for bonuses
-RCT's are citizens in uniform, no bonus.

-06-04 are well nourished and in-shape +5

-03-SeC are highly trained and in even better
 shape +10

-OTA have +15

Augmentations are independent and add onto chars existing roll bonus

Ex. SeC's augmentations are +15 so in total SeC has +25

The Slums/Resistance

-Malignants are refugees and have no bonus.

-Rebel Regulars are well nourished and in-shape +5

-Rebel Leaders are highly trained and in even better shape +10

Augmentations are independent if they have any.

NOTE: Augmentations MUST be administered in an IC manner with the consent/report of the augmentation filed for them to be ICly part of the unit.
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