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Chapter 1: New Beginnings.

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Chapter 1: New Beginnings.

Post by Slashraider on Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:06 pm


Chapter 1: New Beginnings.

As a very thick fog rolls over the city, coating it in a cream-like colour, the combine rally up the cititzens utilizing OTA snipers to do so. Confusion is in the air... 

The streets are filled with a red eerie glow, coming from the eyes of the Protection teams. Things feel drastically different from the average day to day occurrences and structure that was there each day previous to this one peculiar day. Suddenly, the speakers crack to life with a booming voice. “Attention citizens of City 18, this is your Administrator, Dr. Hiroshi Saga. We have been chosen by our benefactors to relocate to the industrial district of City 17. All citizens report to the train station to be searched and identified. The Trains leave at dusk, any citizens not on the trains by that time will be left behind.” The city returns to silence. Rows of citizens are lined up and violently searched. Everything is taken from their pockets, even the scavenged food or left over rations, all of it. Nothing is allowed into the strange new city it would seem. Shivers flow down the shocked citizens of the city, it is all so sudden. The train moves quickly on the tracks. The squealing of the breaks and depressurizing steam gauges are heard as it approaches the station. You know it's coming but the question remains ever in you mind, "Where is it going?". Many Citizens are heard muttering and whimpering around you. Citizens are separated from the Loyalists yet not a word is said throughout the cabins...


A small rag tag group of rebels, led by Jenny Lanes, embark on their long, weak and tiring journey to I17. The reason they are going there? Nobody knows. Their journey was treacherous and filled with grief, Jenny's plan is not clear though it must have purpose. They arrived at I17 but with a cost, they lost many of their larger supplies they brought with them. SMG's, Shotguns and ammo, attacked by a swarm of Type B zombies which had followed them and pinned them down. They managed to reach the city and found a way inside. Lightly equipped, The resistance goes into hiding, but something that was there first lurks among the shadows, watching. 

This is where your story begins. You arrive in Industrial 17.  It is up to you to decide who’s side are you on, the UU or the Resistance?  Be wary though, the path you choose could decide the fate of yourself and the city. Your fate is not yours entirely to choose, let your mind and traits guide you.

There is a very strange and ominous presence that follows you everywhere you walk…..

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