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Whitelists & Faction Characters.

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Whitelists & Faction Characters.

Post by Slashraider on Sat Feb 08, 2014 10:38 pm

I noticed in TC if you got a whitelist you could just make a character out of thin air in that whitelist so I am implementing a new rule.


CWU: From now on you will not get the CWU whitelist. If your character reaches CWU status, only that character will be transferred over. Many times I have seen CWU characters that have died and then the player just makes a new CWU character out of the blue. If your CWU character dies, you have to start all the way back to citizen and reach CWU once again. This will also prevent people from making not so loyal CWU workers because they have to work hard on getting CWU every time they make a new character and they won't take their status for granted.

CCA: You will get this whitelist and keep it but there is a new policy. You can only have 1 unit alive at a time. No having a DvL and then an 04, you can only work on one unit (Unless under special circumstances) If your unit gets PK'd then you make a new one from that whitelist.
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