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Half-Life 2 RP server

RP School: A guide to new RPers on how to properly roleplay

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RP School: A guide to new RPers on how to properly roleplay

Post by General Bravo on Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:25 pm

Hello! This is a guide on how to Role Play properly on our server, Half Life 2 RP. I will give you the run down on things. P.S. If you are RP schooling someone, send them this link!

First OOC and IC:
To talk to the whole server Out Of Character (OOC) Type //
You will use OOC chat to discuss with players stuff that you would not say In Character (IC).
To talk to people around you Local Out Of Character (LOOC) Type .//
EXAMPLE: .//Hey person that it next to me. END EXAMPLE
To talk In Character, just type as you would normally.
EXAMPLE: Hey, my name is Patrick Free! END EXAMPLE

This is all done before you press enter.

OOC and LOOC is to discuss things that your character would not say. Think of your character as a book, not a chat room. In a book, your character would not be like "hey, ur so cool :Pwould u add meh on my friendz list?" That is incorrect. In a book it would be more like "Hello, it is a wonderful day outside, isn't it? When you talk In Character, you have to use proper grammar , capitalization, spelling, and NO EMOTICONS. Try to develop your character by talking in the correct chat.

Role Playing is based off actions. What you do by yourself, what you do with other players, or what you do to other players. There are two kinds of actions. Passive, and Non Passive. I will give you both examples. To do an action you will need to type /me *does whatever here.* Like maybe you would want to sit down. /me sits down on the chair while slowly sighing.

Passive: It is when there is no action involved, it is just calm and relaxing. But it can be fun and it is the bulk of the role play experience.
EXAMPLE: /me reaches into his bag and slowly pulls out a can of beans. /me then puts the beans over the fire and waits for them to cook. This is passive, it is calm and enjoyable. It is what makes RP really fun.

Non Passive: This is when action is involved, usually against another player.
EXAMPLE: /me attempts to punch the man in the chest. /me dodges the punch and goes to kick the man. This is Non Passive. It is exciting and aggressive.

Actions are to be used with almost everything you do. The better RP'er you are, the most fun you will have.

Power-Gaming (PG) & Meta-Gaming (Meta)

Power-Gaming or (PG) is when you try to FORCE your actions on another player.
EXAMPLE: /me punches the man so hard in his chest that he dies.
This is an example of PG, you are forcing the man to die. This is not allowed.

Meta-Gaming (Meta) is when you use OOC information ICly. For example on the scoreboards you see that someone is an Anti-Citizen, your character would not know that. Another example is that if someone says in OOC "// I am in this building" Your character would not know he is in the building because he didn't say it ICly towards or near your character to hear (Notice the range difference between /w and /y). If he told your character ICly, then you would know he is in the building. Meta-Gaming is not allowed either.

There are many types of RP to do, but don't worry! They are easy to remember and you will get used to becoming good at them.

Fear RP: Fear RP is when your character is scared. If you are a citizen (AKA a regular citizen) you are SCARED of the CCA, dying, weapons, and other stuff that would make you realistically scared. If you saw a sign that said "You will die if you cross" You would be scared of dying and would not enter because of this. Though this may be true at this time, it does not mean you will be overcome your fears ICly given the time and development of you character. You must RP that you are scared. If you see a dark alley and it looks scary, your character will most likely not enter that alley. Try to spice it up by adding some verbs / adjectives / Adverbs that show that you are scared like /me trembles as he hears the zombies approach him from behind.

Pain RP: Pain RP is when your character is hurt. If you get shot, you wouldn't be able to just recover instantly. It is emulating realistic pain using a /me towards where you are hurt accurately. You would need to RP somewhat like this. /me gets shot and then falls to the ground, holding the wound and screaming in pain. Say you got shot in the leg, you wouldn't be able to walk for a bit. Or maybe got shot in the arm? Then you wouldn't be able to lift up whatever you are holding with that arm.

Fail RP: Fail RP can be anything from not obeying the two types of RP above or not using them properly. Examples: /me gets hurt "Ahhhh". /me gets scared. /me runs.
It is when you RP badly and not realistically. FAIL RP IS SOMETHING YOU DON’T DO!

There are different kinds of RP, but as you RP you will come accustomed and understand how to use them effectively.

Rolling is used when your actions affect another person negativity. So you must use a /me when you wish to inflict pain on another and you MUST accompany it with a /roll. Like when fighting you always use rolling. EXAMPLE: /me attempts to punch the man in the face. Then you will have to type /roll and then the other person will have to type /roll.
Another example. /me attempts to punch the man in the face.
Once you both type /roll, this will happened.
ME rolls a 37.
The man rolls a 48
NOTE: NEVER NEVER NEVER! Punch somebody without a /me and /roll!

The man had a higher roll so your attempt will fail. Then you will P2L (Play 2 Lose) like this. /me misses the man as he punches.. If you had a higher roll than the man then you would P2W (Play 2 Win) and them RP like this /me punches the man in the face.

P2L, P2W:

P2L (Play to Lose) is what we use in our server. When doing actions you will play to lose. You wouldn't try to kill 3 CCA units when they are trying to arrest you, will will play to lose so they arrest you. Keep in mind realism. Would you win against 4 Overwatch soldiers when all you have is a crowbar? Not likely.

P2W (Play to Win) When you do a roll like /me attempts to shoot the unit in the arm. Then you will roll and then if you win the roll you would shoot him and Play 2 Win that roll.

S2M, S2K:

S2M (Shoot to Miss) is when you are shooting at someone, you shoot around them because you would not be able to hit them all the time ICly. You can try to do a /me and a roll to hit them, but if you don't you just shoot around them. It is a method used to prevent minging .

S2K (Shoot to Kill) When both parties agree, you can S2K, which means that you can just try to hit them like you are playing a FPS. BUT ONLY WHEN BOTH PARTIES AGREE.
NOTE: If the parties don’t both agree, then you will be called out for minging.

PK and NLR:

PK (Permanent Death) is when your character dies and so do all the memories and experiences with it. You will not be able to remake your character or remember what your old character knew. (You must wait a full day until you make an unpermakill request on the forums.)

NLR (New Life Rule) It is when you die but it is not a PK. If you die but it is an NLR, you only forget that you died and who killed you and everything that happened with your death.

NOTE: If you yourself is the one killing another player, it is up to you whether they are NLR’d or PK’d.

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