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Resistance Recruitment

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Resistance Recruitment

Post by Colonel HollerHavoc on Fri Feb 07, 2014 8:03 pm

Recruitment and Terms

Being a cautious group they are, the Lambda will not just let anybody into their organized group for any old unjustified reason. They are human, and will be suspicious of any new person they meet, as they all have the potential to sabotage their cause and group instantly. To no surprise, the resistance will be hostile to people they do not know when infiltrating their territory of operations. They will often take sympathy to refugees once they know they are suitable candidates to have the "luxury" of staying in their area. If anybody looks to join them, they would most certainly have to perform a defining action in the Lambda's honor, or just gain a form of high respect from extended time with them. If a person happens to meet up with a Lambda member who is performing a tactical operation or infiltration and they need that citizen to distract a CCA unit while they pass, that Citizen has a lot to think about. That citizen could gain a high form of respect if the task is completed correctly and gain that lambda official's trust. There is no set way of contacting, finding or joining up with The Lambda. They simply work by trust and careful action. They will make necessary sacrifices where needed and will not hesitate to kill somebody who looks to oppose their group or harm it in any way. They will not show sympathy for anybody who proves to be a sketchy or pessimistic towards them. Think about what you say to a Lambda official. Think about trust. Citizens in lambda territory put them at huge risk, as they do not know whether or not they were followed into the place by CCA.

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