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Resistance Rundown

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Resistance Rundown

Post by Colonel HollerHavoc on Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:43 pm


The Lambda resistance is a group that was formed slightly after the events of The Seven Hour War. It was operated and ran by a loose band of trained outlaws, seekers of hope and guerrillas which were severely dedicated to overthrowing the new world order, the Universal Union. They operate in covert groups, hiding and scrounging throughout the city, trying to recruit new members and infiltrate the ranks of the CCA to obtain any useful information to further push them towards a solid victory and reclaiming back of the earth. They are in no way shape or form a structured military system but rather a militia that is focused on building up their warfare and assets. They are a fairly weak group while spread apart, but can pack a punch against the Combine when unified together.

Known Habbits

It would appear that they operate under one main insignia, the lambda symbol. This is often seen in the back alleys of city's distributed around by means of spray-paint. Subliminal propaganda about the CCA is also seen in these forms of informational and spirit lifting art. The resistance tend to hide away at most times and only show during an organised operation or attack against the CCA. They tend to use CCA equipment that is modified to their liking, their uniform is based off of the CCA Kevlar and Flack jackets.

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