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The 342nd Legion[WORK IN PROGRESS]

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The 342nd Legion[WORK IN PROGRESS]

Post by General Bravo on Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:43 pm

342nd Clone Legion

Standard Equipment:
-Phase 1 Plastoid Battle Armor
-DC-15A Blaster Rifle
-DC-15S Blaster Carbine
-DC-15 Blaster Pistol
-Ammunition clips
-Thermal Detonators
-EMP Grenades
-Grappling hook
-Personal Medkit

Standard Clone Trooper Ranks:
Clone Commander: These troopers receive advanced flash-training and increased autonomy, enabling them to be more effective in combat. Clone Commanders usually remain at command centers and coordinate the battle from there, but they enter the battlefield with the rest of the troops if needed. These troopers can be distinguished by yellow markings. (ARC Trained)

Clone Captain: These troopers are capable of leading other clone troopers in numbers ranging from squads to companies. They are highly versatile leaders. They can be distinguished by red markings.

Clone Lieutenant: Clone Lieutenants usually command platoons of clones, but are capable of leading squads if needed. These troopers can be distinguished by blue markings, not to be confused with ARC trooper armor.

Clone Sergeant: Clone Sergeant are primarily trained to be capable of leading squads of clone troopers into the front, engaging the forces of the CIS. These troopers can be distinguished by green markings.

Clone Private: Clone troopers are trained from a very young age to be independent, aggressive, and disciplined. However, they are also trained to follow orders from their leaders with little questioning. They are designed to age at twice the speed of normal humans. They follow closely to a Command Code that they are trained in from youth. These troops were put into production on Kamino in preparation for the rise of the Separatist movement.

Clone Trooper Armor:

Designation Template: CT-0000

Commander Designation Template: CC-0000


Specialized Clone Trooper Types:

Clone Commandos:
These troopers were heavily trained to take on missions more delicate than most clones can handle. They have greater independent thought capacity than standard clone troopers, but followed orders more closely than ARC troopers. They generally operate in teams of 4. They are armed with DC-17m multipurpose blaster rifles and DC-15 blaster pistols. They wore a Katarn-Class Commando armor with duraplast plating equipped with an equipment backpack. It was very expensive and optimized for easy use with the bacta medical administration. 

Commando Armor Features:

Helmet - The helmet of the Katarn-class armor had a HUD or heads up display that consistently displayed tactical data such as the location and distance to your target, the health of the wearer and the strength of the suit's shielding. The helmet could system link to others through the use of an internal communications antennae allowing each member of a squad to keep track of their comrade's health and location. Specialized internal sensors could detect the make, model, and relative accuracy of every weapon that a commando used, and could adjust the format of the targeting reticule for differing weapons. The Helmet had a built-in filtration system which could extract oxygen from toxic environments. The visor was designed to incorporate electrobinocular and night-vision modes.

Body - The body of the armor boasted reinforced duraplast plating for defense against blaster fire and other anti-infantry weapons. Its design included resistance to extreme heat and cold. The suit could be fully sealed allowing a commando to survive in vacuum for up to 20 minutes. The knuckle plate of the armor featured a retractable vibroblade used for close quarter combat and covert encounters.

Backpack - The backpack featured specialized ammunition cartridges that held various types of ammo, and was reconfigurable for many different missions. An extra oxygen tank for aquatic and space-borne environments, a large bacta dispenser for augmented healing, or even an external communications array for long distance communications (i.e. subspace transmissions). It is interesting to note that the backpack had a display on it that showed the last two digits of the respective commando's ID number.

Commando Armor:

Designation Template: RC-0000


Advanced Recon Commandos:
Otherwise known as ARC Troopers, these clone troopers were a group of highly elite classified soldiers who were of the many best soldiers in the entire galaxy. These clones were designed to handle covert operations not easily completed by the standard clone trooper. They were bred without the application of the standard behavior correction the Kaminoans used on the standard issued clone soldiers giving them an enhanced physical and mental prowess which far succeeded the average clone. These soldiers had the ability to act without thinking, often highly compared to  the use of the force by the Jedi.

ARC Ranks

ARC commander: Although some ARC trooper captains were promoted to the rank of commander and wore yellow ARC trooper armor, most of the officers that were labeled an "ARC Commander" were not originally Alpha-class ARC troopers. These ARC commanders were regular clone officer commanders that were specially trained by Alpha-17 to instill more independence, aggressiveness, and to think outside the box.

ARC captain: These ARCs wore red-striped armour and had control over all subordinate ARCs, commandos, and standard clone soldiers.

ARC lieutenant: These were the first and most common ARCs during the Clone Wars. They fought in various battles including the Battle of Muunilinst and wore blue-striped armor.


-DC-17 hand blaster
-miniature flamethrower
-WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle
-DC-15A blaster rifle
-DC-15S blaster
-Fragmentation grenades[5]
-Reverse-polarity pulse grenade
-EMP grenades
-Ion grenades[5]
-HX2 antipersonnel mines

Special equipment:

-Z-6 rotary blaster cannon
-PLX-1 portable missile launcher
-Reciprocating quad blaster

ARC Trooper Armor:

Arc Trooper Armor was stronger than standard issue clone armor but weaker than the Republic Commando Katarn-Class Armor.

Designation Template: ARC-0000
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