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Post by General Bravo on Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:58 pm

Droid Army of the CIS

Standardized B1 Droid Equipment:
-E-5 Blaster Rifle
-SE-14C Blaster Pistol
-Thermal Detonators
-Internalized Communication System

Trade Federation B1 Production:
B1 model battle droids are being mass produced for the Confederacy at numerous Trade Federation-supervised factories operated by Baktoid Combat Automata across the galaxy. Most losses of B1 model droids in battle are easily replaceable. As such, B1 droids are highly expendable. They function best in large masses that overrun enemy positions.

Command Battle Droid: These droids are equipped with slightly-higher functioning processors than standard varieties, enabling them to effectively utilize droid squads and organize security teams. Some command droids will be able to undergo additional programming to improve tactical and strategic skills, enabling them to take charge of larger fields of battle if needed. These droids can be distinguished by their yellow markings.

Security Battle Droid: These droids are mostly utilized to secure capital ships and CIS bases, and rarely need to be deployed in main battles. Often, they operate in squads led by command droids. These can be distinguished by red markings.

Pilot Droids: These droids have advanced programming that enables them to effectively pilot various vehicles. They often carry tools and spare parts to engage in repairs as needed, and are capable of operating most vehicles they are tasked on. They can be distinguished by blue markings.

Standard Battle Droids: By far the most numerous kind of B1, fielded in large numbers against the Republic's Clone Army. They are manufactured in large numbers, but cheaply, and as such they do not have very advanced combat programming to match the skills of clone troopers. However, numbers can trump skill.
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