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Helix.90005 Backstory

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Helix.90005 Backstory

Post by General Cergis on Fri Feb 07, 2014 2:35 pm

Alright guys, there is gonna be at least 15-30 chapters in this story, backing to when my char was born.
I will do a chapter every one-two days, maybe two chapters a day. You'll see.

Chapter 1.
1986, December 19th. I was born, my name is Alex McKinley. My mothers name was Zoey S. McKinley, and my fathers name was Felix C. McKinley, in Sweden, Gotenburg, 2 years after his sister. Alivia Z. McKinley.

Chapter 2
Alex is now 12 years old, during middle school, he was picked on for being averagely stupid. He would get very bad grades and people would make fun of that weakness. One day, one kid known as the 'Bully' decides to mess around with Alex. That day, would change Alex forever, while being pushed around by the 'Bully' Alex dropped his books and folders putting up his fists in a defensive place. The 'Bully' laughed while his friends laughed as well. The friends went around Alex starting to push him roughly, Alex still holding his fists up takes a swing at one of the friends, literally knocking out four teeth out of one and knocking him out, the 'Bully' then tried to take him from behind, only to be uppercuted from Alex, knocking him unconscious, Alex then starts to beat up the 'Bully' by punching most of his face in leaving marks and bruises. Alex then leaves by spitting on his face. He walks away feeling no regret.

Chapter 3
High school
During High School, Alex was very shy around people never talking to anyone,k especially the 'Bully' he beat up while in middle school. He never apologized, but he did have friends, he wasn't so shy that he had no friends. His friends were pretty much in that nerd group, but, most jocks feared him for some odd reason, while he was eating he had the strange thought of becoming a doctor. While in the senior year, he started to apply for doctors degrees and such, he already got 2 years done of college because of his school academy record. He even trained in hand to hand I combat in middle school, but he stopped while in his junior year of high school.

Chapter 4
College was very hard for Alex. He started when he was 18. He was in college for at least 10 years. Technically he had 12 years. So yeah. But he got his Doctors Degree, became a doctor at 29 years old, 2016. He was having a good life. Alex never had a love life either. He never dated anyone, he was just so shy, he never talked to any girl, except his mother and older sister. He never married nor had a girlfriend. But everything was just fine for him, getting a well income. Very well.

Chapter 5
Combine Invasion
It's October, 2017, the 12th, Alex going to his normal job, The Hospital. It was a quiet day, not much work to do, only a few patients, so Alex decided to take the day off. He went home, turned on the TV and just watched the news, but something... Interesting was happening, around Russia were portals?! Alex astonished continued to watch, until watching Combine units and OTA units shooting at random citizens and raising most of the city's, now Alex, he was in the United States Of America, but a few seconds after he switched the channel, the emergency broadcast came up, with a man saying "Please stay indoors, the United States Of America is being attacked, all citizens stay indoors, do not leave, hide if you have too, this message repeats." Alex scared begins to listen outside of his house, seeing U.S. troopers running down the street, the from a distance I heard a Large Roar, but it was a more Mechanical, the out of nowhere a three legged tripod fires beams at like 1000FPS, it was so devastating seeing those troopers die, Alex runs outside, in fright, but before tripping and goes unconscious.

Chapter 6
Awaken to C18
First thing I remember, is that I was on a Train, with many other citizens. I don't know how long I was out, All I remember is seeing the troopers dying. But I woke up next to my sister, she starts to say things that are distorting too me. "Alex, we're going to a checkpoint, look your brightest for the new city... You need to look healthy..." I pass out again before waking up to units Vo-Coders. "Move it!" One of the units yell. When the units come to me they un strap me out of my harness and tell me to go to the C18 terminal for food. Known as the RDT. I walked with my sister, while she was holding my hand... We were heading up too the C18 RDT, I was quite annoyed by the fact we had to wait behind at least 40 people. After the last people I front of us got there rations, it was our turn, I had to say my name and my CID that was hanging on my neck, I got my rations and walked away with my sister, before getting a apartment in the CAH, we ate our food and talked, she told me that I was unconscious for at least 2 days, I must've hit my head bad. She told me that our mom and dad were dead, I didn't know, I was I. So much pain I couldn't describe it. It just felt so... Painful... I kicked against the wall making some citizens yell at the person who did it. I stopped after my fifth kick, I sit down putting my head in the couch, my sister leaves to get her own apartment, so I sit there alone, but I always thought there was hope, I felt like this was a new beginning, so... Now I begin to let my loyalty roam.

Chapter 7
Loyalty comes first
Day 132... I asked a officer today how many loyalist points I have, he says 50-, well I'm a loyalist 3, while in my apartment eating food, I hear a officer screaming for help on the bridge, I run toward the door and break through it seeing a officer being strangled by a citizen, I grab the citizen and throw him to the ground kicking him at the side, maybe breaking a rib, he groans and I back off seeing the officer tying him and knocking him out, he tells me to come with him.I follow him towards the nexus, I start to get scared, what would happen to me... What would he do to me? Instead I end up in Sectors Office. He tells me to wait, so I wait, I start to hear OTA Kevlars shambling around behind me, and two OTA Kings and the sector comes out of the door and walks to the desk. I stand at attention, being frightened by the Sectors power, he turns to his computer and calls out for the other loyalists picked from him, he turns to he four of us and says, "You seem to be my most loyal in the Citizen structure, And I got most good reports. Alex, I've never seen a bad report from you, you have no anti-citizen points." He turns to the rest, and says in a loud booming voice " You have all been selected to join the Combine Civil Authority, you've all turned in your slips, I'll be telling you who got in." He picks one of the four and looks at the bottom of the page and says "John Wilum, you have been declined, try again." He nods and gets escorted out. He picks another one up and reads the bottom "Don Berana, you have been accepted, you will be escorted to the armory.." He picks another one up, "Cole Havocry, you have been accepted go with Don." He then picks up the last one, that is mine "Alex... You are accepted, go to the armory with them, I'll be with you soon with the OfC."I nod and I walk with the rest of the loyalists, I feel happy all the sudden and I smile, I'm going to become a Medical officer... I wonder what is the word for it? "Here is the divisions, Core is basic foot soldier, Ghost is a stealth tactical unit, Nova is the tech Division, and the last, The Helix division, medical attention and such." I nod saying in my head, "I'm gonna be a Helix Officer"

Chapter 8
Rank 06
Day 2
So... This is how it feels to be above the citizen rank, good. So I meet a fellow 06 (Moose) he was a good friend of mine, another friend of mine was another 06 (Bazid)... Hmmph I thought we were the three musketeers. Ha! By the way this is my journal, this is why I'm talking In first person. Anyways, I started out as a 06 after RCT, all I use is a. crappy 9mm pistol with only a few boxes of ammo.. Beating people that I don't like or not obeying the law is actually quite fun, it shows that I'm bigger, Ha!
Day 25
So... During a Exogen breach... A antlion guard... Ripped off my leg... Well... I got a robot leg... I still can't believe it..
Day 47
Today seemed to be a different day... I met with a rebel... Her names Rose.. She dug her name into my skin with a knife to make me remember? She said to not speak of her.. I've kept my mouth shut since then, but.. She wants me to get beer every time we meet, so I have at least two bottles in my backpack everyday.. She seems nice, now that I think about it... And beautiful...
Day 85
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