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Half-Life 2 RP server

The Event Horizon Rules

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The Event Horizon Rules

Post by General Bravo on Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:31 pm

-No breathing
-No flaming each other.
-No spamming in any threads.
-No derailing threads(Off-Topic section exempt).
-Post in a manner that is comprehensible to the average human. This means using proper spelling and at least decent grammar.
-Polls on a single issue with the options being Yes or No are to only have those 2 options.
-No second accounts will be permitted for any reason.
-No racism.
-Do not advocate hacking, DDoSing, or anything of the sort.
-Do not link to pirated or pornographic materials of any kind.

These rules are subject to change.

Punishments for rules violations will be administered at the discretion of the Supreme Command.

 Click here to see Citizen Restriction Rules!




-Use correct grammar.

-No prop surfing.

-FearRP Correctly

-Ask for RP schooling if you do not understand something.

-No minge punching. Learn to RP a fight.

-No minge running. Learn to attempt resisting.

-Be afraid of the Combine.

-Use correct names for your characters. First and last name. Example: Jake Groves.

-Be polite over OOC chat.

-Respect all admins.

-Complain on the forums, not in-game.

-Do not disconnect when character threatening RP comes your way.

-Do not switch characters when threatening RP comes your way.

-Do not Meta Game

-Do not Power Game

-Any type of cheating, or use of hacks, DDoS software, proxies, or anything of the like is against the rules.

-Refrain from creating an overpowered and unrealistic character right off the bat, this is considered ass pulling and will not be tolerated. (However, over time, with the beauty of RP you can meld yourself into that character if you wish)

-no asking for "Spammo" (Spamming of ammo) from SA's unless you have died and need it for IC reasons, otherwise obtain all ammo which is set around IC.

Player Kill/Perma Kill

All players:

-Do not kill anyone for OOC reasons, including minges unless they are causing undue harm to players such as punching them. Report them to an Admin, or make a ban request.

-You are not aloud to re-create a character that has been PK'ed in the past unless the PK was revoked by an admin.

-You must not discuss a PK's legitimacy on the server more than a day after the even took place.

-To counter a PK, you must create a thread on the forums under General discussion and discuss it there. 


All players:

-You must not Power Game at anytime, unless the player you are RP'ing with allows you to do so in character.


All players:

-You must shoot to miss someone during a fire fight.

-You must /me an action against the other player and win the /roll to inflict damage upon them.

-You must not shoot someone while they are /me'ing

-You must fire and RP your accuracy at which your character's canon experience is at. (IE: Citizens are bad shots automatically due to not having training with a weapon)


All players:

-You must FearRP, District 6. Regardless of strength, experience, or faction.

(Other than high level CCA, and OTA) 

-A citizen character must have played within the Plaza section of the map for more than 1 hour before even considering attempting to enter District 6. Even then, you must still FearRP and understand that your character is afraid of what lies beyond. Being forced into District 6 is okay, yet FearRP should still remain and be just as stable as if you were attempting to enter District 6. (If an admin wants to check someones play time, simply type /adminplaytime (character name here) )

-If the death of a player was caused by another player while in District 6, those players are encouraged to discuss weather or not it should be a PK. Those players are also encouraged to ask an Admin to review the situation and discuss a PK as well. After it is settled, an SA must be contacted to confirm the PK as legitimate. 

-By entering District 6, you are accepting that anything is possible, and the death of your character could take place at anytime.


All Users:

-Try to be a leader, when you are alone, respect that there are no admins there, behave as appropriate as possible.

-If you catch anybody cheating, try to be discrete about it and take a screenshot of the logs/activity they are doing to break the rules.

-If things get out of hand and there is no staff online, do not try to handle it yourself in any way (Unless they are obvious minges who are punching or harming).

-At any time if things are getting extremely out of hand try to contact an admin ASAP and if they aren't available, take many screenshots of LOGS and negative activity which breaks rules to post on the forums later.


All players:

-CCA Faction ratio is: 1 Unit per 3 citizens/refugee/anti-citizen.

-Rebel/refugee/Anti-Citizen ratio is 1 per 2 citizens.

-Unlimited Vortigaunts.

-Unlimited Loyalists.

-Unlimited Citizens.

-Scanners count as a CCA unit.

-CCA Higher Commands (CmD+) do not count towards ratio.


All administrators:

-Respect users and help them if they ask.

-Give people a second chance if you have not confronted them before.

-Only use your powers when they are needed.

-Do not abuse your powers.

-Respect any higher ranked Administrator than you.

-Do as you are told by higher ranks.

-If you have problems with another Admin, Consult it under The Command Center on the forums or speak with the members of the Supremacy.

When kicking or banning someone from The Event Horizon's Server, the template for their kick/ban "reason" must be displayed as such: (reason for ban) (Ban length) - (Name) (Rank) of TEH.
Minge Punching, Extensive flame towards players, Terrible Description, (2 hours) | HollerHavoc Owner of TEH


Allowed to use 'petcr' flags, and can kick/ban people
Not allowed to spawn NPC's, cannot start events without an Admin+
Can RP school.
Can change citizen names, if needed.
Can TP players to their requested location if RP calls for it.
Can kick/ban.
Can create small occurrences without using /event

Given 'petcrnC' flags, and can kick/ban people
Allowed to start events, and can even give orders to OPs.
Can give people new models to players if the model is IC.
Can RP school
Can TP players to their requested location if RP calls for it.
Can change citizens names if needed.
Can re-supply users with inventories that somehow went missing.
Can enforce Ratio by kicking Units.
Can kick/ban.

Super Admins:
Allowed to do anything at their disposal, as long as the situation calls for it.
Can give orders to Admins, and OP's.
Can give flags.
Can give Donations gifts.
Can resupply inventories if needed.
Can RP school.
Can start events.
Can kick/ban.
Can enforce ratio by kicking Units.
Can give white lists.
General Bravo
Supreme Commander of TEH

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