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Half-Life 2 RP server

New Primary Objective

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New Primary Objective

Post by General Bravo on Sun May 04, 2014 10:44 pm

It seems HL2RP is finally falling by the wayside. While some may see this as a loss, I see it as an inevitability that will enable us to shift our focus on other things. One of them was a major reason in my creating The Event Horizon, and that is the development of a Serious Star WarsRP server. Yes, there are a handful of servers out there that say there are SWRP, but they are just DarkRP with a Star Wars paint job. In other words, garbage. I, on the other hand, plan on making things serious. There is a huge amount of canon on which I can draw and craft us a storyline from that will lead us from the Clone Wars all the way through the height of the Galactic Empire.

Now, creating a brand new RP setup may sound like a big task, but that's because it is. We have to make new rules, set up application procedures, lay the prologue for our lore, find content, start coding things in for server use, and all sorts of other stuff. That's where you can come in. I will not force anyone to get involved in my project, but if you believe you have anything that will help move this forward, please contact me by Steam or by private messaging me here with any ideas or help you want to offer.

My goal for The Event Horizon is to expand its parameters far beyond those of its predecessor communities. It will start with SWRP.


RP Characters:
Steven Davis-Alive-Citizen, in main district of City 18
Civil Protection:
CCA-C18-CmD.08292-Alive-Searching for APEX, hunting down the last surviving City 18 resistance members, and wiping out everyone who gets in his way
Overwatch Transhuman Arm:
OTA-ECHO-SQL.27766-Alive-Preserving Nexus internal stabilization, assaulting anti-citizen hideouts
Nick Bradford-Unknown-Last seen in City 18
Enslaved Biotic:
Tuk'Zal-Unknown-Last seen in City 18

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