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The Life Of Jenny Lanes, Pandora | Chapter 3

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The Life Of Jenny Lanes, Pandora | Chapter 3

Post by Colonel HollerHavoc on Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:17 pm

You meta, I will eat your toast...

The Life of Jenny Lanes, Pandora.

Chapter 1: Life before Disaster…

Miss Jenny Farkas (Lanes) was born into the world, September 24, 1987. She was raised by two of the most kind and loving parents. Her father David Farkas was a role model to her, very smart and kind to her. Her father was a Doctor, very smart and skilled at what he did. He used to teach her all about the fundamentals of life and the world. He was truly one of her best friends. Her mother was Trisha Farkas, who in her time was a most beautiful girl. Trisha was also very smart, a scientist working at a very expensive research centre. They all lived in California in a sizable house making a great living. Jenny was always inspired by her mother; she had won many awards for developing some of the most useful experiments. She would often take Jenny into her home laboratory in her young age (about 7-9) and do all sorts of harmless experiments with her that would light her up.

When Jenny was 8, they moved back to Canada to their old house, where they originally lived when Jenny was born. They never told Jenny, she had yet to learn, she had a Brother named Tomas Farkas who went missing when he was about 9 years old. At times in the house Jenny would notice her mother crying. She would ask her why she was so sad but she would just tell her she is so happy. The real reason behind this was because of the loss of Tomas. They moved back because they wanted to be where there son was last known, they had hope he was still alive, and Jenny had given them that. They told Jenny about her baby sister Jill, she was so excited to be a big sister! Jenny got her father’s heart and mindset along with her mother’s inspiration and smarts; she was always interested in science, excelling in her school at a young age too. 

She was in Grade 5 Science in Grade 4 at the particular point where she realised what she wanted to do. She went through elementary school with a major knowledge in science when she moved on to middle school. Her parents were both amazed and proud of her work, her success in her education, everything. Jill and Jenny were the closest of sisters, Jill looked up to Jenny and had a gift with drawing, she always cheered Jenny up when she was in distress and was always there for her. Jenny taught Jill a lot about life, and was a huge inspirational role model to her. Jill is what pushed Jenny forward.  

When Jenny finally made it to high-school she was requested into an exclusive private secondary school in Toronto, where they lived. Jenny’s parents didn’t want Jenny going to such a place she wasn’t sure of or didn’t want to but when they told her of the letter in the mail, Jenny jumped up in surprise fascinated and thrilled to enlist in the High-School. Now age 14, Jenny entered the next big chapter in her life, Secondary school. With a 5 year plan well set in place, Jenny devoted her next 5 years to studying science, becoming engaged within which she excelled in. Jenny received many scholarships within the enriched science pathway, taking a huge interest in chemistry. She studied long and stressfully though all of those years to get to where she was near the end of the 5th year. 

In this next stage of her life, heavily focused on her studies, Jenny was a big brown noser, never paying attention to relationships or guys at all. That is until she met Jonathon Lanes, a student transferred from the U.K, he was a computer/tech kind of guy, only in the private school to assist with the repairing of computers/programming of systems to help with the school board. He was just one year older than Jenny, from an average university in the U.K but when they first met he told her that he was interested in traveling to Canada because North Americans always fascinated him as a kid. He loved the culture and such and felt more at home in Canada, his parents not proud of him getting out there. Jenny took great interest in him; they would talk for days in the same computer office, same time, and same place until the end of Jenny’s school year, the big day, her graduation. Many tears of her mother were shed on that day, tears of joy, so proud of what her daughter had accomplished. She had become great friends with Jonathon Lanes, close friends. Though, it pained her she had to leave, thinking she would not see him for a long long time… She moved on to the university she was invited to, it was called Callington University of Science, in Washington. She had to move so far away from her family and this was a truly sad and happy moment for her. With the help of her scholar ship and had to pass an entrance exam. Stressed, all she could think about was Jon, her future, and her sister at the time. Jill, now age 11 told Jenny not to worry, she drew Jenny a superb picture of her teaching an entire class, very detailed, very gifted in art she was. Jenny smiled and studied that whole night prepping for the entrance exam Jill by her side. On the day of the entrance exam, she entered full of nerves, though, just like Jill had said, she would pass. Jenny moved on into University, the next big part of her life. Though… before the next big part, she saw a familiar face walk into the room. It was Jonathon, instead of going back to the U.K, he was acknowledged by the same university as Jenny, something he did in secret for he had something more in his heart than just friendship for her. Jenny and Jonathon later fell in love and went through University together. Jenny became a Chemistry Teacher at age 25, at a university level, an early achievement her smarts had gained her. She and Jon Lanes then married. The next chapter for Jenny was slowly creeping up… but it is hard to say what type of chapter it will be.

Chapter 2: Green Skies…

              Jenny and Jon had bought a nice house with the money they had earned, a nice change from the regular university dorm rooms. Jenny had been teaching 3 months now, and the house was large, needed to be renovated. Jenny spent most of her days at the university teaching within it, though she still needed 2 years to graduate the school allowed her to teach many of the classes, allowing her a salary as well. Jon was always 2 rooms down developing school website code and such. He also helped with repairing of computers. Even he was teaching computer classes as well as learning within them. 

Advanced coding was always something he excelled in. He had taught it well, he even taught Jenny a lot about coding and computer maintenance. This rubbed off on her, giving her some advanced computer knowledge. Jon and her would spend lots of the time talking about the most random things, something they both shared. They were absolutely perfect for each other. Jon was something of a gamer himself, it rubbed off on Jenny. Jon was also a hunter, trained rifleman, licence and all and Jenny was interested in learning how to shoot herself. Jon and her would often go to a local firing range to train with small arms.  Jenny had been thriving within her university, the teachers/administration knew she had leader-like qualities, they knew she was perfect for her job. But Jenny did have a lot of pressure, very young and naive. She always had hope in her job though; she knew she had to push herself to make a change. Jill’s words never left her mind and she kept pushing herself on through the year.

5 months have passed now since her teaching. Her parents had arranged to meet her on Friday, It is Wednesday and the days are slowly passing creeping up to the meeting day. Jenny was very excited to have a little reunion and discuss with her parents all the things happening in her life. She couldn't wait to see her little sister. One night after teaching, Jon came to her, he said there was something on the news about bad weather the next few days and that it might be hard to arrange the meet. Jenny thought about it and was very close to cancelling the meet. But when she called her parents they said it would be fine, they also said it would really be a letdown for poor Jill. Jenny felt bad and knew how much even she herself wanted to see her little sister. Her parents had boarded the plane Thursday; it would take about a day to get there. The skies were fairly stormy, but her parents and Jill had arrived to Washington DC in time to see her. 

Jenny was excited to see her Mom, Dad and sister.  Jon and her waited the arrival of them, they had been busy cleaning up the house before hand and things to show to her parents. Thursday night passed, and it was now Friday morning. Jenny got a call from her cousin Jake Wilson (Aka HELIX-01). Jake called her telling her that he was proud of all the things that were happening to her, apologized he could not make it to the wedding and that he didn’t get a hold of her, he had important surgery that he had to attend to and the phones in his home were down. Jenny thanked him for this and told him she knew all about his work and had assumed pretty much the same thing. After the call, Jenny and Jon went out to pick up some dinner for the occasion. When they got home they began preparing for the dinner, it was the afternoon now and as Jenny and Jon were preparing dinner, there was a knock on the door. A feeling of excitement sparked within Jenny as she looked towards the exit of the kitchen, she walked out towards the door to answer it. Jenny opened the door and as it opened, her face lit up with a wide smile as she saw her parents along with Jill. She gave them a tight hug and welcomed them inside; Jill had made a painting for Jenny, a picture of her standing atop a cloud. It was truly an amazing artistic picture. They sat down and ate dinner and talked all about Jenny’s career along with Jill and Jon’s. After Dinner, they sat down and talked for a while, watched TV and such. They changed the channel over to the news, and saw something that would change everything; an emergency broadcast which filled the world of portal storms, green lights of electricity in the sky brought fear thought out her entire family, they could not believe what they were watching at all. 

Jenny got up and ran over to the window, she heard a loud noise, which shook the house and caused windows to smash. A loud humming of ships and such like out of a science fiction movie were pouring from the sky! Jill broke out into tears of fear and such. There was a loud banging at the door; large people in strange suits had smashed into the house carrying weapons. Jenny screamed and rushed to the basement with Jon, Jill and her mother and father. He boarded up the doors with some tools and then went for his rifle, he told Jenny and Jill along with Patricia to hide. They went to the furthest place in the room and David and Jon tried to keep the door barricaded. The large human like figures burst into the room, blue eyes of fury aiming their weapons at Jon and her father. Jon looked at Jenny one last time, saying “You have to get out of here, you have to survive Jenny, I love you.” He then took the rifle aiming it at the soldiers and fired at them, David did aswell, the soldiers fell but more burst in and shot him with a strange type of round which caused him to die instantly, Jenny cried out, and the entire room seemed to lose sound, she fell to her knees, tears forcing out. She looked all around the room with fear, sadness and then her dad was shot, falling to the ground. Her mother ran towards the combine screaming with anger and sadness and they killed her aswell. Jill and Jenny were now defenceless, Jenny was picked up forcefully by one of the soldiers, and the last thing she saw was the end of a weapon moving towards her face with great velocity, moments before Jill being taken upstairs and out of view. Nothing was left in Jenny’s mind now but sadness, blackness, a void almost like it was a nightmare. Thus began a tragic chapter and ended one with much potential.

Chapter 3: Life, if you could call it that.

Jenny did not awake until a long time after that incident had taken place. Her eyes slowly opened, she was moving, staggering around and sighing with a searing pain piercing in her skull, Her eyes opened and then closed again, light vibrantly and radiantly coming through the windows of the train, she squinted as things began to come into focus. She felt sick to her stomach. The train was empty. She brought both feet up to the seat perching, burying her face into her knees cringing and pain and memories coming into play, she cried out tears rushing down her face, it was red with sadness and sorrow, all she could think about was the replay of her parents and husband getting shot and killed in her own basement. Suddenly the train came to a sudden halt, inertia throwing her to one side. She gasped nearly falling off her seat, she looked around for a moment scanning with only her eyes quite nervous and scared, vivid images of the figures that killed her husband, Jon and father floating around in her mind. Suddenly a sound of pressure releasing can be heard, she shrieked slightly turning to where steam could be seen at the door of the train. She never realised it, but in her peripheral vision she could now see a suitcase. Her attention was drawn to it, she was confused but there were 5 digits etched into it, 24061.

“Wh-what could that mean?” She muttered to herself.  
Suddenly the door swung open, light from outside along with air flowing into the train, she then took the suitcase standing nervously and shakily she wiped tears. She suddenly heard a voice, she was shocked by how it sounded at first not ready for it. A man in a gas mask and a suit stuck his head into the train yelling, “Citizen! Get moving!”. She nodded in agreement to his request now noticing his weapon strapped to his belt, She slowly and curiously stepped forward holding her suitcase with two hands walking towards the door, blinded by the light momentarily but then seeing a line of different trains. She looked around with deep caution and then noticed someone talking on a screen broadcast. Someone by the name of Dr. Breen, she ignored what he was saying at first getting a look at her surroundings. It was a train station, it looked unfinished, like it was still partially being built or something. She then noticed everybody was wearing blue jumpsuit-like uniforms with the letters “C17” Printed on the back of each collar. Suddenly, the man’s voice became clear to her as she looked up at the screen. This was all so much to take in for her at first. Dr. Breen talked about something about City 17, she assumed this is what the place was called, but she wondered why it was called something like that, he rambled on about how it was safer here and such. She was puzzled, looking around, noticing what looked like police with gas masks or metro police were ordering citizens around and such. Nervously she made her way to a terminal. One of the Units with the labled ID similar to the one on her suitcase: 15025 and an armband reading “CORE” along with 2 digits under it which read “04”. She squinted and then was startled jumping her face looking up to his mask as he said “Citizen, apply and register data! If you are new, the 5 digit card on the upper area of your suit and your full name.” 
She nodded quickly to him as these voice encoded words flew from his mask. She checked down to her suit looking for the card and then reading the digits out to him and afterwards telling him her full name.

 He then registered her data within the city logs and sent her on her way. She was also given a designated apartment room and block to go to. She walked around within the train station quite curious until she reached the exit out into the City 17 plaza, an unfinished place which looked like it was being built onto. The most prevalent thing in the picture was the massive building being built in the distance which stood higher than everything else even in its unfinished state. As Jenny entered the apartment complex A, or the CAH A of City 17, she looked for her room number which was On floor 2. As she walked up the stairs she could see two citizens being questioned by an officer, at first she just thought this was just a normal police force so she kept walking not really paying too much attention.

 As she walked up the stairs she thought she could see a man at the end of the hallway, he was wearing a suit. She didn’t really pay too much attention assuming he was just someone of higher authority, turning to apartment 2-E. She used the key to open the door and stepped into the small apartment scanning around the place. She settled down in the room, closing the door behind her. All she could think about was what had happened before she ended up in the place she was in. She wanted her family back she wanted her house back; she wanted the world how it was back. She looked around in the very poor quality and small apartment. She had no idea what she would do as she had lost everything. She looked out a window, walking over to it, squinting; she saw something that sent a shiver down her spine walking around within the plaza cleaning. It was an alien. What would she do next?

PS: I am designing these in chapters, I will update when I get each chapter out, this will eventually lead to now. (in this same thread)
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