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Post about some of the worst/obscure shit on Steam.

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Post about some of the worst/obscure shit on Steam.

Post by Profit (tha_man234) on Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:05 pm

Since I've been spending almost all my time on Greenlight and digging up the worst things I could on Steam, I decided maybe other people want to share a game they thing is completely terrible. That being said, please post about the worst games you know of. (I do prefer it being on Steam, but it doesn't have to)

I'll start with a little known game called Desert Gunner, a game that I will not go further into detail about, but I'll just show you this screenshot from the company website, Fusion Games:

Just...just gets you pumped for the adventure!
This was actually published by Strategy First. These guys were, and I use this term lightly, the "brains" behind Bad Rats.

Please also provide a link the company website and maybe a few minor specifics on why it's bad.

Remember: The more obscure, the better!

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Re: Post about some of the worst/obscure shit on Steam.

Post by General Bravo on Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:28 pm

I saw one of the Postal games up on Greenlight once. Basically just went back to the library tab and went to TF2. I WAS going to do some voting that day, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Postal is....weird....

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