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Journal of Yosef Poloski. (My CCA)

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Journal of Yosef Poloski. (My CCA)

Post by Oculatus on Sun Mar 30, 2014 6:06 pm

Summary: These are excerpts from Yosef Poloski's journal. The journal appears to depict events, experiences, and his journey through his life. (Its written in Ukrainian, but I can't write and I know no one knows how to read.)

Chapter 1
Money or Service
(Pre - invasion)
Dear journal, 

      I'm beginning to find my average... Well boring. It feels as if I'm missing something. I just... really don't want to be a Lawyer anymore, it seems well boring as I already stated. Now I know they get paid a lot of money, but it feels like there is something more to my life then the pursuit of money. I've been reading a lot about my countries military and I've been really liking the Marine Corp... For some reason they just feel different. I don't know though its probably just a phase in my life. I just feel like I owe this country something. But whatever I got class in an hour. I probably get back to you in a day.
                                                                                                        Yosef Levin Poloski.
Chapter 2
Long time no see
(Post - invasion)

Dear journal, 
        Long time no see! I forgot I had you. Well a lot has happened in my life... Well let me sum it up for you so I have space to write more... Earth was enslaved  by Aliens! Now I know this seems like something out of a Sci - Fi movie but I am not shitting... Life fucking sucks... Now. Well my life is better then most of the people I know. I'm one of the very fortunate people who has a job. I'm a cashier at a store and believe me that is one of the easiest and well paying jobs in the city, that don't include cleaning dead bodies from the street. I work for a guy by the name of Scott Marx, hes a level 5 loyalist (One of the lucky guys) hes pretty cool... I wouldn't say that he is necessarily a good person, but hes alright.  Anyways I've been thinking a lot lately, and that is to join the Civil Combine Authority, they are the "police" of this new civilization, they seem very powerful and for some reason appealing. I got 19 loyalist points so, I have 1 more point to think about this decision. Anyways I got to get to the ration cycle so see ya!
                                                                                         Yosef Poloski, 01686

(This will be a continues series that I'll write when I'm bored or I have to much time on my hands.)

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