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Inspections, Raids, and a New Waiver!

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Inspections, Raids, and a New Waiver!

Post by Slashraider on Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:54 pm

1. Daily Inspections

It has been noticed by MANY players that WAY too many people have guns and contraband. Rebels may be one of them, but you have to think about how many guns that citizens have from downed units. How to stop this RPly? Issue inspections at LEAST 1 every two days. We get them in the CCH, tie, and search. We need to start doing this.

I have noticed in the past that when we issue one, most citizens just lolrun to the slums and sewers and be dickshits in there. To stop this, we need to lock ALL the CCHs in advance, in which 1 Officer leads units to patrol and EpU or OfC to lead units to handle citizens in the CCH. Maybe 3 more to monitor plaza and get citizens in.

If we want, we can also perform a sewer raid in which we send a couple OTA down to get rid of citizens moving to sewers. This would stop gun flow and keep citizens from getting guns for fear of PK. When one team finishes their sweep/patrol, they would move to the CCH or contribute to another team until they are finished.

This ensures that much more citizens are brought in. Keep in mind, the inspection should not start until the sweeps are done. Once done, the citizens would be brought in to the lounge area, they would be tied, with the rest of the CCA in CCH, 2 would watch the outside, 2 on the inside, 1 to watch the citizens, and the rest would sweep the rooms. Once all the citizens are in, they will be searched for contraband... 1 BY 1! They will also be applied. This will keep from a massive clusterfuck of random. They will be checked of ID and such. Anyone who has contraband or has bad data will be detained. That sums up this part.

2. Grotto/Slums Raids

The Grotto and Slums are the hotspots and the most criminal infested areas of the city. Seriously its out of control. Its like half of the map is now being let loose for citizens. So if a Citizen wanted to break laws, he would just go to the slums and he is scot free to do whatever he pleases. To fix this we should have a daily patrol of the area.

If it is an inspection sweep, then they would be dispatched with an EPU leading at least 3 to 4 03s and up. If just a normal patrol, they would go in with a few 03s and up. They will first sweep the grotto. 1 Unit would guard the door while another stands in the first area of grotto, 1 gets the kitchen, and the last one stays at the entrance while the EPU gets the other areas. (NOT THE SECRET BASEMENT)

Afterwards they would move to the slums, they would go down EACH alley. They would search the park, they would NOT go into the pit with sand. They may also get the roofs IF THEY WISH...

This will only work however if the other options are in place or they are just dead meat for a rebel shoot out at every patrol like they always do. Scanners should also monitor the slums.

3A. Judgement Waivers:

This will be a list of things that will happen to trigger the JW/AW. Also what to do during them.

To trigger a judgement Waiver:

1. At least 3-5 Units must die at a single given time by some sort of enemy. Be it rebels, antlions, anything...

2. If ONE OfC+ dies, this will trigger it.

3. If TWO 01s+ dies, this will trigger the JW.

During a JW, things will operate much like an inspection but on different terms...

First of all, a Sewer Raid will not be operated unless the enemy flees into it, this will be discussed in a little bit.

A slums/grotto sweep will not occur UNLESS the enemy flees into it, in which a separate team is sent after them.

One 01 leading 2 units will be sent to sweep the city OTHER then the code red area, they will get citizens into the CCH and continue sweeping until after 2 laps, the streets are clear.

An EPU with armed units will be sent in to get rid of the rebels. 2 Low ranking units will guide the citizens into the CCH as they approach (The other CCAs should be locked before the sweep of city for citizens and sweeped after the sweeping team is dispatched) these CCA will guard the CCH and keep the citizens in. Once the City sweep is over, they could run a slums sweep IF they have an extra EPU standing by and if the Code Red spot isn't within.

If the threat is to flee into the sewers, then the 01+s in the city will be under control of a DVL and will be sent into the sewers in a party to sweep and kill anything in site, as well as handling the threat.

If at least 3 QUARTERS of the pursuit team dies or ALL of them, then a squad of OTA will be sent in... I do not care what the squad is made up of. If they do not fix it then we will go to extra measures. (Read "Autonomous Waivers")

If the threat is resolved, an inspection can occur right after, they would not need to do a city sweep but maybe a slums sweep if it has not been done. Afterwards, just follow inspection procedures listed above. Now then, on to...

3B. Autonomous Waivers:

This is something bigger than the Judgement Waiver. Kings and Blades will be called to handle this. ALL power will be given to the Overwatch (SqL & DLOW). They can command any unit (With the Exception of CmD+) There will be NO detaining. Any citizens found outside the CCH will be shot on sight. All threats will be shot on sight. Any death from an AW is an instant PK. Do not fuck with Combine during the AW.

To trigger this, a certain few requirements must be met:

If Judgement Waiver is in effect;

1. The OTA Team that was sent in must be completely wiped out.

2. The threat must still be going.

3. The Judgement Waiver lasts at least 20 minutes.

If Judgement Waiver is NOT in effect. then a massive injury is to occur such as a mass bomb explosion, sudden Exogen Breach throughout entire city, if the enemy launches a massive attack all at once.

Alright. Once an AW is issued, 2-3 OTA teams will be sent in one after another. When one team dies another will come in until all the teams available die. Citizen will be SHOT ON SIGHT! The only reason that they should NOT be shot is if, 1. They are in the CCH 2. If they are making there way to the CCH FROM the train station, or 4. If they are IN the Train Station.

Citizens are to stay in the CCH at ALL times. There should be a perimeter set up from the Train Station to the CCH. If citizens wonder off the path, they are killed. Another option is that we have a sign set up at the Train Station that says "Autonomous Waiver is now in effect, leaving will result in death if caught." The Final option is that we just lock players in the train station with a sign that says "You are not allowed to leave during an Autonomous Waiver" This would cause some to leave however and make people angry.

If the AW is called without the JW then citizens will be allowed to move inside, a City Sweep will not occur and when orders are given by the admin or DVL, CP will kill citizens.

Only High Command may call the AW (Admin included)

4. Mass Re-educations

Mass Re-educations are educations that are held whenever either, A) Citizens do not co-operate during a work session or ration section or such. B) An anti-citizen attack occurs and they are defeated C) If at least 5-6 Amputations are met. Or C) If the UU feels like citizens need it to install fear.

What will happen is, we will begin Inspection procedures, (Read "Daily Inspections"). Once everyone is in, we will tie and search. All the units will be called to the lobby/lounge and line up behind citizens. Some units may get 2 at once if needed. The units will make sure they face the wall and keep quite. An EPU+ will give a speech on how the citizens have fucked up and at certain points in the speech, the citizens will receive a re-education. Only a total of 3-4 re-educations shall be done. If you are a loyalist then you may receive less re-education. CWU and ULP get none and are forced upstairs.

Before the last re-education, the EPU will drag an offender of some sorts, be it the anti-citizen they caught or someone who is about to be amputated anyway. The EPU will talk about how said offender is an anti-citizen and how they have disobeyed the Universal Union. He will then order the citizens to turn around. He will then say that "This is what happens to those who betray the Union!". He will then kick the citizen to the floor and publicly execute him by shooting him. Preferably with a shotgun. Afterwards the citizens will be re-educated one last time and faced towards the wall. They will be untied and released.

If a JW was issued or at least 2 mass re-educations happen, rations will not be held.

All this will encourage citizens NOT to betray, thus keeping them from getting guns. BTW, citizens will be physically (and possibly mentally) damaged after the mass re-education. They are not to be healed by HELIX and a medical CWU should get on to help or a normal one to sell bandages and such.

Now to our final topic...

5. Sewer Raids

Sewer raids are a way of saying "GTFO OUT OF THE SEWERS!" for normal citizens.

To initiate a Sewer Raid, 1 of the few requirements must be met:

1. An inspection is being initiated. This will count as the routine sewer sweep. It does not have to be done if not enough units are available.

2. An enemy flees in during a gunfight/JW/AW.
3. If 3-4 days go without one. This can only be met if the raid is not done during the inspection.

If the raid is a routine raid, such as an inspection raid, they should go in with a full Echo Squad, with the SQL as leader.

If it is a JW Raid, the same squad is sent in with SQL and DLOW. They should only enter if the enemy enters the sewers. If the squad dies then the AW is initiated.

If it is an AW raid, a KING squad will go down and take out ANYTHING that moves. If the KING squads are to die, then code Black will be called and.... Well if the KINGs die then Combine would step in (Synths) and practically kill everything in the city.

This will keep citizens out of the sewers for fear of death.


I hope you all see this as helpful. Sewer raids keep people out of sewers, mass re-educations RPly make citizens fear and want to be loyalist, and the JW/AW makes sure we actually get a Judgement or Autonomous Waiver when we need one.

Other comments: I am not doing anything about the Beach since I don't know what we are doing with it yet to suggest anything.

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Re: Inspections, Raids, and a New Waiver!

Post by volatile_tnt on Thu Mar 13, 2014 6:30 pm

Slashraider wrote:
 If it is an inspection sweep, then they would be dispatched with an EPU leading at least 3 to 4 03s and up. If just a normal patrol, they would go in with a few 03s and up. They will first sweep the grotto. 1 Unit would guard the door while another stands in the first area of grotto, 1 gets the kitchen, and the last one stays at the entrance while the EPU gets the other areas. (NOT THE SECRET BASEMENT)

Just saying... I'm fairly sure the CCA know about the basement ICly... I've been arrested down there on Tanner, and if a report was written (it would have been realistically) then they would realistically make a sweep of the basement.

Not trying to kill an awesome hiding place, just being realistic.

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Re: Inspections, Raids, and a New Waiver!

Post by Sophia_Orr_Voidwalker on Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:39 pm

This needs to happen. Now

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Re: Inspections, Raids, and a New Waiver!

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