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Reconstruction of our Overwatch

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Reconstruction of our Overwatch

Post by Slashraider on Thu Mar 06, 2014 8:51 pm

EVERY WEEKEND OTA are required to submit themselves for evaluation and to be trained further in Breaching, moving in a fireteam, protection your other soldiers, cover and more.

NOTE: This is simply a suggestion. Please do not rage. If you want to post something, please make it useful. If you have a suggestion, post it and I will update this accordingly.

Our OTA is outdated.
The way we carry ourselves is saddening, the unprofessional-ism is shocking at best.

This thread is to radically re-design the operating standards of the OTA.

In my personal opinion, and that of several others, this is our vision of how the OTA is to be lead. The Commander is to report directly to the combined authority of the SeC and Commander, maybe a DvL. He will be of equal rank of a DvL BUT only retaining direct authority over the OTA, of course meriting respect from the CCA forces. The role of the DLOW won't change much, just some new responsibilities to be added, and the DLOW will stay basically exactly the same.

OTA-XXXX-DLOW.XXXXX = The designated commander of his predetermined division. He is incharge of his division. Same power as a DvL but only for OTA units.

OTA-XXXX-SQL.XXXXX = The leader of his Squad, such as King, Echo, or Blade. He has complete control of the training, organization, load-outs, or anything else that needs to be done. He will pick out his units to form a 3 man squad. *CAN BE MORE THAN ONE SQL*

OTA-XXXX.OWS-XXXXX = A soldier attached to his squad, an expendable unit that is to fulfill orders from his superiors. A grunt. Can be designated to lead a fireteam or a squad under a division, elected by the DLOW.

Overwatch Soldier (OWS)
Secondary Clearance
SMGs, Shotguns, and 9mms
Smokes, Tear Gas Grenades, And SMG Grenades.
Standard at raids.

Squad Leader (SQL)
Primary Clearance
AR2s, Shotguns, 9mms, .357s, and SMGs
SMG Grenades, Smoke Grenade, Tear Gas Grenade, Regular Grenade, and Combine Balls
Standard at raids.

Division Leader Overwatch (DLOW)
Clearance of a DvL
Elite Grade Kevlar & Enhancements
Any Weapon of Choice
Any Grenade or Alternate fire of choice
Nonstandard for raids, Does not raid Often.

ECHO: Standardized Combat Squads for Overwatch Forces.

Blade: Trained for City Protection, Riot handling, and Crowd Control. Deployed when City / Citadel safety is threatened.

King: Elite Unit. Deployed as a final measure to squash whatever is going on. Deployed when the Citadel status reaches Red or Black. Citizen safety is no longer concerned.

Administrator :
Dr. Hiroshi Saga - Running the CCA from his office while eating takeout.
Citizen(s) :
Shea Vegas - DEAD
Loyalist(s) :
Patrick Free - Slowly recovering from his insanity and he is starting to work at the CWU Goods Store and the Hospital again.
Enslaved Biotic(s) :
Combine(s) :
CCA-C18-GHOST-DvL.32789 - Bringing the GHOST division back to life.
Anti-citizen(s) :
Lucy "Hera" Dellgott - DEAD

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