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"Hrimfaxi" Character applcation

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Re: "Hrimfaxi" Character applcation

Post by Zaughi on Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:09 pm

Because said citizen defeated the COTA by manipulating gravity. By that I mean pushing him off a high ledge. However, we have discussed this and come to the conclusion that a good percentage of COTA armor is grafted to their skin, so I've revised the character regarding this.

Also, why do we have rogues? Because they're actually part of HL2 canon. Barney even makes a reference to the existence of rogue Civil Protection units in Episode 1.
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Re: "Hrimfaxi" Character applcation

Post by Colonel HollerHavoc on Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:15 pm

Super America wrote:I know I don't play much, but I am going to voice my opinion on this whole situation.

-Chris is a /o.k/ staff. He doesn't exceeds the requirements, he just meets them.

-I've had issues where Chris has Pged before.  Nothing big, but I don't think it'd be nice to have him as a rogue.

-Why the hell does a citizen have king's armor?

-Why Do we have rogues?

That's all.


Don't mention asspull.

Asspull is a huge thing on this server.

The reason we have rogues is because they are a valuable plausible edition to rp, we don't have them so people can make applications like these to try and obtain them via writing a backstory. People view them as these superior beings that are badass when in reality, they wouldn't really be strong at all. What people fail to realize is they cannot be the ones influencing the rogue in anyway, it would be extremely unrealistic if the unit were to just randomly leave the CCA, it would be scared for it's life. It has to be under extreme unforseen consequences that are unknown OOC and IC and completely unexpected. It's very easy to tell when somebody is trying so hard to come up with an excuse to rogue.

Super Is right, unrealistic rp is detracting and annoying, it inspires fail rp, all of these special characters only make people want to try and get them to become the best. Asspull is another thing that has been increasing. It needs to stop, anybody violating asspull will be consequently handled. Develop your characters from the point they enter that trainstation on.

Now, to the updated backstory, I have reviewed it only to find it is just a somewhat polished up version of the previous one you submitted, it's not even really an application, the way in which he rogues just seems so uneventful and bland. I do strongly agree with Bravo has stated as well, rogues should never be applied for, they should be obtained with tons and tons of development in a unit. THey should be an unexpected plot twisting occurance that is eventful and unexpected OOC and IC. I appologize for the time you have spent with this Chris, but I feel that anybody could have really typed this up and just got a character implemented into the game. But when you haven't spent any time developing this character at all other than the backstory which is very nice, it is all just stemming from your mind and your mind only. All of these events are purely your imagination, therefore making it unfair to somebody who rogues realistically which something they barely expect OOC and IC. The emotional drive is what should guide a unit into roguing. I am retaining my
-Support on this one.

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