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Ideas for RP:

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Ideas for RP:

Post by Slashraider on Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:47 pm

We need active CWU around. While their job now is to relieve the citizens of their wallets, they could improve a bit.

>Shops/Other places - Have shops constantly occupied and decorated. Have different kinds of shops
-Restaurant - Citizens sit at a table and have a CWU waiting on them. The CWU serves them food and the citizens can RP eating.
-Theater - Citizens can pay a toll to enter the movie theater. A movie is played.
-Convenience store - Grab-n-go supplies such as pots, dishes, soap, etc.
-Delivery - CWU delivers ordered goods where requested, like flowers or food.
-Furniture - Have furniture placed RPly instead of just spawning them.

>Jobs - Have different classes of CWU (other than merchant or medic). I suppose this would replace loyalists with something a bit more constructive.
-Sanitation workers - Sweep streets, clean rooms, etc. - Body disposal - Garbage disposal
-Factory workers - Factory work
-Maintenance - Keeps structures and other things up to scratch
? ? ?

>Joining - Apply for job placement at the CWU HQ - May be drafted into working - Majority of citizens should have a job


Don't just run off into construction area. Hang around in plaza. Rent an apartment. Socialize. Read. Watch the telegrams. Eat some food. Do something!
The slums is an area that just causes problems. Try to stay away, your life is bad enough.

Misery loves company

Don't have the mindset of "Fite the CCA". The UU have conquered your world and you are afraid. Do not just go about and look for a weapon or muggings. You want an easier life. You do not want attention from the CCA. Your strategy is to sit there and get along, be conquered. Don't try to be the next batman.

Everybody is afraid. Do you know why the CPs in the beginning of the game weren't armed? The citizens are afraid. Do you know why the citizen that was being prosecuted didn't resist? Even though they didn't have a gun on him? He was already afraid out of his mind. Resisting would only result in either death or near-death. Do not go to a unit and say "Sir, how many loyalist points do I have?" or "Any work to do?". Aside from how the unit should beat the shit out of you for daring to speak a word to him, you do not want to bring any attention to yourself.

A unit tells you to jump, JUMP!

Resisting(Situations, not RP group) (In my opinion, this should apply to not just citizens) (Should apply to fearRP in certain cases IMO)
When you are given the choice to resist, don't. Think like your character would think, and consider what would happen if you do. The only time anybody should resist is if they absolutely believe that it would result in a better outcome.
If you have a gun or something in your pocket and you don't want it to be discovered in fear of your life, then you can resist.
You get caught running and a unit prepares to re-educate you, don't resist. You would RPly rather cooperate and take a mere 2 lashes than resist and risk everything.
(fearRP) If you absolutely believe you are going to die, and you would rather try or die trying than laying down and die, resist. The armed one has a good chance of still hitting you. (If you are shot, you STOP and P2L instead of doing everything in your power to get yourself killed and keep your items)

Administrator :
Dr. Hiroshi Saga - Running the CCA from his office while eating takeout.
Citizen(s) :
Shea Vegas - DEAD
Loyalist(s) :
Patrick Free - Slowly recovering from his insanity and he is starting to work at the CWU Goods Store and the Hospital again.
Enslaved Biotic(s) :
Combine(s) :
CCA-C18-GHOST-DvL.32789 - Bringing the GHOST division back to life.
Anti-citizen(s) :
Lucy "Hera" Dellgott - DEAD

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