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Refugee / Resistance Guidelines.

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Refugee / Resistance Guidelines.

Post by Slashraider on Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:01 pm

The vast majority of citizens in HL2, are hoping, and helpful towards the resistance. Refugees, hide resistance members, try to aid them during fights, and help transfer medical drops, food drops, ETC. You can either join the CCA, as an undercover, or you can flat out join the resistance
Resistance Rules

1. To actually become a resistance member, IC'ly you'd have to find some kind of evidence to prove the union guilty. You cannot just run into D6 for the hell of it. ( Taking pictures would be good evidence of your in-game evidence )
2. Resistance characters are not permitted to kill civilians for no reason at all. If a refugee strolls into your base, don't kill him, simply ask him to leave if you do not like him (icly), find another way of dealing with him. Killing other refugees is counterproductive, and therefore fail rp for a resistance character.
3. As a resistance character you may not raid the nexus, unless a major event is going down.
4. Help feed the citizens! Smuggle food into the apartment complex and feed people, we more food for a reason.
5. Do NOT complain if your refugee / resistance character gets Pk’ed or something along that nature. Making a refugee character is dangerous and you should accept the fact that he/she will die eventually. Whining about a death (Unless EXTREMELY BULLSHIT) will show us you are not mature enough to have a refugee character.

Administrator :
Dr. Hiroshi Saga - Running the CCA from his office while eating takeout.
Citizen(s) :
Shea Vegas - DEAD
Loyalist(s) :
Patrick Free - Slowly recovering from his insanity and he is starting to work at the CWU Goods Store and the Hospital again.
Enslaved Biotic(s) :
Combine(s) :
CCA-C18-GHOST-DvL.32789 - Bringing the GHOST division back to life.
Anti-citizen(s) :
Lucy "Hera" Dellgott - DEAD

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