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Lenny Mcgraff's Backstory

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Lenny Mcgraff's Backstory

Post by Oculatus on Sun Feb 23, 2014 2:36 pm

Lenny Mcgraff was born in 1993 in Waterbury, Connecticut. Lenny's parents were both lawyers and were often to busy to give, Lenny attention when he was growing up, this would play a big role in his childhood. Lenny was always a rebellious kid growing up, he had none to little respect to superior authority. Lenny was also a trouble maker in school also, He would often be suspended or kicked out of school because of his rebellious behavior. When Lenny was a teenager he would of already been arrested for underage driving and and underage drinking, but since his parents had a good amount of power in the legal system they were able to get him out of a serious court case, At that moment Lenny realized he had a problem and so he agreed to his parents plea to take up counseling, That didn't last long. Lenny hated counseling and so he pretended he was "cured" for it to stop. All through Lenny's adolescence he would be a big trouble maker, getting in trouble with the law often. When the combine finally invaded it was a normal day for Lenny. He would be in his room blasting rap music when all of a sudden he saw a portal from the sky, first he thought he was seeing things but then he heard gunshots, he would look do into the streets to see all the horrors of the Combine Invasion. Lenny wouldn't think and escape his house, his parents would be at work and would be killed at their law firm. Lenny would escape Waterbury and run into Torrington, CT which was right next to Waterbury. Next thing Lenny knew he would be hit in the head by falling debris and would wake up on a train heading to City 17.

(Just a quick note. I made this in the total of about 5 minutes so I will correct and fix things as I see things.)

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