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22497's Glorious Backstory

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22497's Glorious Backstory

Post by //DarkPossum\\ on Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:38 am


It was at six AM when I heard the sound of an alarm blaring through the room I was sleeping in. Making me fall off of my bunk and wake up as I saw others running outside out the corner of my eye. Today was the eleventh of July, 2018. This was my first day being part of the Combine Civil Authority, I was never sure if I wanted this job. The Combine has the right ideals, but the way they enforce them isn’t always pleasant. I only joined them so that I would be the one doing the beatings, not being the one beaten. But I was only a recruit and not much was expected of me yet. The Divisional called me down to the training area where I would learn the basics of our faction and its goals.

After I had ran through the long, intricate hallways of the Nexus I had finally arrived at the training center where things would finally begin. I could see a few other recruits there with me, so I knew I wasn’t alone. The Divisional said that we would be quizzed on the ranks of the CCA units. I was quite nervous, never have actually read a handbook or really paying attention to much of anything, but I still tried to look my best. After he had given a long speech of the consequences of failing this test, I had then recited the ranks off what I thought was correct. The ranks went as followed, 05 to 01 for enlisted units. Then there is the EpU, or Elite Professional Unit and then the OfC which stands for Officer. After that is the DvL or Divisional, who leads an entire division in a city, then Commander and at the top is Sectorial. It turns out I was correct and the DvL had then told us to move to the shooting range where we would practice shooting of course.

Once I made it to the shooting range I was given a standard 9mm pistol along with a small amount of ammunition to practice fire. I had fired a gun before this, but I was never really good at it. I held my breath and looked down the sites of the gun, then firing the clip into the target. Most of the shots landed around the outer rings, making a loud pop as they left the gun. It had honestly hurt my ears a little, but I had then turned around to notice that Sector was standing a few meters behind me. She actually congratulated me and stated that it was quite accurate for a Recruit. I was surprised and not sure what to say, but simply stepped to the side so the next person in line could shoot. At rank of Sector, they have seen so much stuff and had so much brainwashing it’s almost as if they aren’t human anymore. There really wasn’t much to talk about because she simply walked out of the room.

After the rest of the recruits had done their share of shooting we had moved to the breach course where the DvL instructed us about room clearing and properly breaching doors with a squad. It was all quite boring, I was just waiting until I was allowed to go outside and patrol. But after hours of training I was given a badge that certified my rank as 05 and an armband that states ‘CCA-C45-CORE-05.22497’. This was my unit identification, stating who I now was. We aren’t allowed to call other units by their real name; we use numbers to be more efficient or something like that.


Another morning the alarm goes off, blaring into my ears. At least this time I didn’t fall off the bunk, and somehow it didn’t fell as loud. I got out of bed, put on my Kevlar, mask, Vo-coder and the rest of my gear. I grabbed my stunstick from the trunk and got a 9mm and ammo from the armory. I was told I’m not allowed to shoot anybody unless a higher rank instructs me too. I really don’t want to hurt anyone to begin with; I think I’ll just stay away from the trouble.

I didn’t really know any other units yet, they were all strangers to me. But I was instructed to move outside and patrol the city plaza. Everything looks a lot different through the eyes of this gas mask. Constant health monitoring in the corner of my eye shows connection to Nexus in the bottom left and it even displays heart rate along with a bunch of other useless number for the Nova units to monitor. Apparently you stop to notice those things after a while, along with lots of other things. I have heard the higher rank units say that feeling are what kill you, but lack of feeling also gets you killed. It makes sense, but I don’t want to believe it.

But after hours of patrolling I heard the speakers in my helmet spring to life and a unit was calling for help at the apartment buildings. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I guess if I help him it would increase the rate I would get a promotion. Promotions come with all sorts of useful perks, but I don’t want to be too noticeable or they will make me do tasks for them. Usually these tasks involve killing people or getting things done: not very fun. But I then quickly ran to the apartments and found the unit investigating a large trail of blood on the floor. The blood had made me sick, I had never even seen this much in my life. He said he needed assistance breaching a door, so I agreed and got into position to cover his back when he rushes in. The unit had shot the lock on the brown wooden door and then kicked it open, rushing into the room. There were bones on the floor; it looked as if the meat was torn off them. It was absolutely disgusting; my stomach almost couldn’t handle it. But I knew throwing up in my mask would be a horrible idea so I simply walked out of the room to sit down for a minute.

While I was sitting down I saw a man trying to sneak down the stairs. I yelled at him and told him not to move as I drew my stunstick, forcing electric sparks to fly into the air as it zapped on. The man then began to run so I quickly sprung up and chased after him. When I made it to the bottom of that flight of stairs there was no sign of the man other than a door that was slowly pushing itself open like somebody rushed to get inside and didn’t take the time to close it all the way. I then kicked the door open, forgetting proper breaching procedure and the man was already waiting for me there. He attempted to punch me in the back of the head but missed; I turned around and kicked him in the shin out of surprise. He quickly grabbed my collar and pulled me into the apartment’s bathroom. I then broke his grip and tried to kick him against the wall of the cramped bathroom. He had found a briefcase on the floor and swung it over and hit me in the top of the head. It wasn’t enough force to knock me out, but it seriously hurt. Luckily my helmet protected me from any serious damage. I then tried to punch the man in the chest, but I missed, only making myself easier to hit. He kicked me, pushing me to the floor and tried to hit me in the head again. Luckily he missed and hit the wall. I panicked and pushed around my leg to try and find my gun in its holster. I pulled out the 9mm and warned the man to move back. He was overly persistent and tried to kick the gun out of my hand. I closed my eyes, and held my breath as I looked away and fired 3 random shots. All three of the shots landed in the man’s chest, planting him on the bathroom floor and shortly killing him. When I opened my eyes I had seen the blood all over the room and splattered on my hands and armor. I quickly dropped the gun and began shacking. I had never killed anybody before and never planned on doing so in my life. I was there for a short fifteen minutes before I got up and left the room, but it seemed like hours at the time. I told a fellow unit what happened and they seemed not even to care and just told me to clean up my mess. It felt like the whole world around me was spinning as I stood still, everything was shacking and my heart was moving fast enough to explode. I walked back into the room and looked at all the blood. I couldn’t stand anymore; I simply collapsed and thought about what I did.

It took me hours to work up the courage to drag the body back to the Nexus. I finally worked up the thought that this man was a killer to begin with, and he was insane. If I didn’t kill him, he would have killed me. The Combine has a special word for insane people: 10-103M. And as a CCA we are supposed to kill all found 10-103M’s because they are a plague on society. It now feels like what I did was the right thing to do. But after a while I went to the Nexus recreational area and grabbed a meal to eat. After drinking a glass of filtered water and eating some quality CCA supplement food. It all felt like I was fine.

Later that day I went to my bunk and wrote a report on my patrol that day. Nothing significant occurred than the event of the insane man. And I then put the report into Sector’s drop box where it would soon be read.


Yet another day, the alarm goes off, waking me up forcing me out of bed to put my gear on. Wearing the gear hardly weighs me down anymore. It almost feels right. But this time around instead of going outside to patrol I was told to go straight to Sector’s office. I was extremely scared, I didn’t know what rule I broke, but going to the leader’s office didn’t sound like a good thing at all. Once I got to her office I sharply saluted, snapping my feet together and moving my hand to my forehead and waited for permission to go at ease. I hardly remember doing this before, but it just felt like the right thing to do at the time. Sector had then looked at me and said, “22497, your performance on the field has brought considerable interest to me and our benefactors. And you are here to be awarded with the rank of 04.” I was surprised and not sure what to say, but accepted the new badge and thanked the Sectorial Commander, then leaving her office. Having this rank didn’t really change anything, it simply gave me a little more respect and the allowance to torture or interrogate citizens. The torture part sounds kind of bad, and I don’t really want to do anything like that. But I will just try and stay away when stuff like that happens.

But later that day a citizen was detained and I was told to watch over his cell. I was standing there for a while waiting for permission to leave before the man in the cell spoke. He told me to come closer to the cell because it was hard for him to talk with an injured lung. He looked into my eyes through the barred window and said, “Y-You think you’re doing the right fucking thing?” he then paused to cough some blood onto the floor and spoke again, “T-They fucking broke my ribs… For running… They don’t give a fuck about you, I’m dead anyway, and so are you.” I turned around and walked back to where I was standing before, the man had to be insane. But he raised his voice and spoke again, “You think you’re fucking special?! You’re just like the rest of them. You eat, you kill, you patrol and you die. You are just a worthless liar, you are just an imbecile.” But I suddenly got angry; something came over me to yell at the man. I quickly raised my voice, making it distorted and horrifying through the Vo-coder and yelled to the man, “You are nothing, hear me?! You are going to die today, nothing about you it special. You are pathetic and your life means nothing to me! Just shut up and sit in your cell, I don’t want to listen to your bullshit!” I quickly noticed that other units were standing around me to hear this. Different units in the crowd picked different sides. Some said I was too harsh for my rank, others said I will make a fine unit in the future. I wasn’t sure what happened, but I left the room and went to my bunk to right just another report.

City 08

After months of doing the same thing every day, alarm goes off, get out of bed, patrol, eat, sleep and do it all again. The city administrator was assassinated inside the Nexus. The situation was very confusing, but I remember it happening sometimes mid-day. The city Apex unit was blamed for the assassination and was killed. Since the city had no administrator, leadership was compromised until somebody could be chosen to take over. I, along with a selection of other units was ported to City 08 in Japan.

Things were run very differently in Japan. The city had a different administrator, Dr. Hirsoshi Saga. He didn’t really take the time to notice me. He always had lots of work to do and the Sectorial commander did most of the work that had to do with managing units. The city was harsh, Dr. Saga rules with an iron fist and when he slammed it down it shook the world. The classes were divided with a huge gap. Loyalists were living in nice apartments with a low crime rate. And regular civilians lived in the slums and were constantly killed by necrotics. And when people died nobody seemed to care. You either kept your mouth shut or got it cut off. Things seemed a lot worse than they were back in City 45, and that’s not a good thing.

The Nexus was extremely magnificent; it’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen to Versailles. It was better than living in the city, but it was still horrible. Units were killed for disobeying, and citizens were killed in the Nexus every day. More were killed on the street and forgotten, I could hear the screams all night echoing through the city. The alarms of APC’s blare through the streets and the moans of necrotics shoot out from the slums. Gunshots come from outside the city walls and Overwatch radio chatter floods my ears all day. But just like City 45, I wake up to the sound of an alarm, grab my gear, patrol, eat, sleep and do it all again.


I was walking down the street when I saw a woman standing near the curb. Her gaze allured me for a moment and she aroused my curiosity. A man had then been running so I had stopped him, forced the man to the wall and cuffed his hands with a zip tie. The woman had watched me do so and she became interested. Most citizens fear me when they see my armor and mask, but she was different. She attempted to strike a conversation of sort, but I knew I was not allowed to converse with citizens. But after I beat the man with my stunstick, hitting him in the back of the head making sparks fly into the wall and against my mask, she had asked if she could help me. I wasn’t sure if there was any law against asking a question like that, but I honestly didn’t want to be rude. I handed her my stunstick, not thinking at the time, and she had assisted in beating the man. I knew I would have been black marked and possibly killed for what I just did, but she was helping. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

After I detained the man, I walked back out the large metal doors of the Nexus and she was still there, outside the Nexus courtyard. We had talked for a bit and she explained that she was planning to join the CCA eventually. She also explained that she knew information about a certain anti-citizen/rogue protection unit ‘Stinger’. This was extremely valuable information and it was far beyond me. I had no clue what to do so I took her to the Nexus for questioning. After we had arrived at the Nexus I talked to her, and sort of ‘interrogated’ as well. She had given me some extremely valuable information over the course of only a few hours. I made a report on the event and put it in the Sector’s office. I kept the woman in a cell for her own protection. She also told me her name: Sophia. I then went back to my bunk and went to sleep and waited for another day to arise.


Days later, Sector finally had the time to personally read my report. I was called down to her office where a Ghost unit was there with her. Ghost is one of the secretive special ops divisions in the CCA that performs very important tasks. Sector had explained that I knew the most about Stinger because I was the one that talked to Sophia, so me and the other unit was going to track him down and capture him. This was exiting; it would be my first real mission. So I talked to Sophia again and she told me the Stinger’s real name, his physical description and exactly which apartment he was staying in.

The Ghost and I had left the Nexus to move through the streets and find the apartments. Everything seemed so packed together; the buildings were so tall it was hard to even see the sky over the smoke and clouds. We were moving at a rather fast pace to try and find the man we were looking for. But when we finally arrived at the apartment I was told to wait outside while the unit searched inside. I didn’t really hear any commotion, so I was worried. But after the Ghost walked back out, he was walking out alone. We didn’t find Stinger this time, but I knew we had to find him. He was a dangerous man, he had EpU training and killed units and civilians alike, or so I had been told.

But on our way back to the Nexus I saw a man talking to a woman. The woman didn’t matter, but the back of the man matched the description perfectly. Of course I had only seen him from behind and couldn’t jump to any conclusions. But before I knew it the Ghost had attempted to tackle the man but had failed. The man quickly turned around, and he was a perfect match. I quickly ran to catch up and drew my gun as fast as I could. I aimed down the sites of my gun and pointed at the man’s knee, I didn’t want to shoot him but I thought about what I said before. He’s dangerous, possibly insane, if I don’t catch him he will kill me and possibly kill others. The Ghost was still trying to recover from the failed attempt to tackle the man, and the man looked like he was ready to run. So I quickly pulled the trigger and landed a bullet into the man’s need, forcing him to the floor. The woman behind him had quickly run away, and the Ghost tied the man up. This man was indeed Stinger, the man we were looking for.

After we managed to drag the bleeding man back to the Nexus and into the interrogation room, the Sectorial commander had come to the room to see him. They looked at each other as if they knew each other before; it would make sense, since Stinger was previously an EpU in the medical division. They then talked for a while, almost as if they were discussing philosophy. I was waiting for any moment for her just to shoot Stinger in the head, but it wasn’t like that. They were speaking as if they had something in common, but it still seemed like an argument. They spoke for a good hour or so before they moved him to the torture chamber and killed him, I wasn’t allowed to watch though. As I left the room to go back to my patrol I saw the city administrator outside the room who then congratulated me for the capture of the unit. He then told me to follow to his office. His office was enormous, with computer monitors all over the room and different buttons that activated different alarms. There was a large window behind his desk that looked over the city. He then offered me a position in the Ghost division and promoted me to the rank of 03 with no hesitation. I was shocked and surprised, but I quickly accepted this rank and division. I knew there was a future ahead of me if I did so. I saluted and started to walk out of his office before he stopped me. He then alerted me that with this position I will soon receive training to use a standard SMG and sniper rifle training from the Ghost Divisional. I nodded and walked out moving back to my bunk to rest for the day.


I wake up as yet another day starts. It seems as if I can hardly even notice the alarm anymore, I simply open my eyes and wake up on time by myself. I had set a reminder on my data pad to speak to the Ghost DvL at some point today. I had to remember this, it was quite important. After a little while of giving myself some time to fully wake up, moving to the recreational hall and grabbing some food to eat, I had then sought out the DvL to speak with. I had eventually found him at the outpost tower that was inside the slums. Once I had spoken to him for a short time about my training he had acknowledged me and taken me down to the tunnels, giving me a Scout Sniper Rifle and a TMP SMG to operate. Once we got deep within the cold, dark tunnels he had set up a few empty bottles on a stand to try and shoot. He pulled out a sniper rifle and took aim, shooting down the hall at the bottles. It only took him one try to shoot down one of the bottles and have the bullet shoot through it and slam into the wall. The pop of the sniper rifle in the tunnel was loud. The DvL didn’t seem to care, so I tried not to show a sign of emotion. It did hurt my ears, almost to the point where I could cry, but it felt like I didn’t care anymore. He instructed me to try as he did, but this hardly felt like something that would be a good idea right now. My ears were ringing and I wasn’t even sure how to fire the gun. I think he must have noticed what was happening, so he instructed me to crouch down with the gun and hold my breath as I aim while I look through the sight with one eye. I quickly responded and performed as he asked as I aimed down the hall at one of the bottles. I can assume it looked like I was trying really hard to succeed, and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing to try too hard. I think I hesitated before pulling the trigger; I shook a little and missed horribly. Shooting the stand that the bottles were on forced them all to fall down and they didn’t even break. I went to take aim again and the DvL simply stared at me and told me to go fix the bottles. I walked down the hall to fix them and I was actually a little scared of getting shot. After I finished setting up the bottles I turned around to walk back and then sat down to fire again. I didn’t want to miss because I knew I would have to fix them again, and that wasn’t fun at all. I held my breath again and aimed down the hall to fire the gun; I aimed down the sights and fired the gun at one of the bottles. This time I fired a bottle broke. I was happy from this; it was good to know that I actually had some skill firing this thing. The DvL looked at me after I hit the bottle. He was fairly silent; only spoke when speaking was needed. But he was also kind of scary in that way. He had a very special Ghost special ops outfit. His eyes stare straight at you and pierce right into your skull, making you shiver all the way up your spine every time he walks past. But by the time I finished pondering this I had noticed he pulled out a small matte black USP pistol and was aiming down the hall. I wasn’t really paying attention, but I quickly snapped back to reality when he fired a loud shot that rocked the entire tunnel. He had hit one of the bottles, flying glass all over the wall. His pistol looked like a step up from the one I was using before. I took my pistol and attempted to do the same as he did. I managed to strike a bottle only because I have had more training with this weapon than I had with the sniper. I don’t know if he was amused or not, but he didn’t really show any at all emotion other than breathing. He nodded and told me to pull out my TMP and try what I just did again. The TMP was a dark black color and quite heavy. It’s a funny thing about guns, they don’t look very heavy, but they are solid metal: often steel. And they weigh you down quite a bit. I looked to the side of the gun seeing a switch that could change it from auto to semi-auto. I thought that for picking off individual targets semi-auto would be easier. I flicked the gun to semi-auto before then firing down the hall with controlled shots. I hit the bottles, odd enough. Even I was surprised by this ability. The DvL instructed me to put the gun away and we would go outside for the next level of training.

When we got outside the DvL instructed me to walk with him to the apartments. We went to the loyalist apartments and walked to the top floor. The walls and floor in the apartment were nice. At least they were nice in comparison to most of the other buildings. This is where all of the rich and loyal citizens lived. They had special locks on the door that only certain citizens and CCA could open. But as I looked up I saw a hole in the ceiling. The DvL had then jumped up into the hole and got onto the roof of the building. He extended his hand and told me to climb up with him. I was very confused and wasn’t sure why he would want to do training on the roof. But I let him pull me up and I questioned what we were doing once we got up there. He explained that we would receive training in parkour and jumping from building to building. I knew Ghost was special operations, but I didn’t know they did insane stuff like this. I could see that the closest building to jump to from here had about a twenty foot gap and was across the street! The DvL had jumped across the gap and made it. I noticed that the other building was slightly lower down than this one, making the jump feel a lot shorter. But I was still scared of jumping. I didn’t want to die, and I knew I would. I tried to tell him I didn’t stand a chance but he just told me to jump, and so I did. I made the gap and landed on the other building. I was visibly shaking from the rush of adrenaline shooting through my veins as my body thought it was dead but my mind knew I was still standing. Not what I was thinking about right now, but I managed to have scuffed my boot from the rough landing. The DvL didn’t really teach me how to roll properly or anything, so I wasn’t really sure how to do anything. I was just jumping. The DvL had spotted a sign that was sticking out from the wall of the building we were standing on about five feet down. He jumped down and caught onto the sign and then slid down the wall onto the overpass that was only another five feet down. I actually enjoyed the rush of doing what I did and repeated what the DvL had done. Once we made it down onto the overpass, the DvL had then jumped down to another sign and onto the ground, taking him back to ground level. I repeated what he did and asked for more instruction. He looked at me and said that the training was done for now. There was nothing more to learn about being a Ghost-03 at this time so I went back to the Nexus and had a meal before going to bed. I hadn’t noticed that we used up the entire day doing what we did. It had hit night fall by the time out training been done, so I went to sleep, waiting for another day.


I know Stinger is dead, I know that I have earned this promotion. But knowing is the problem. I know these things, but I never take the time to think about them. Everything happens far too quickly in this age. It’s either you act or other will act against you. When I act I don’t always make the best decisions, nobody makes the best decisions. All I can think about is that one girl though; the Sophia one. She seemed very determined to join the CCA at some point. I hope she does so I can speak to her again. But it seems like in the CCA we aren’t allowed to make friends. They don’t want you to be too happy in fear that emotions lead to power, power that they don’t have, power that only humans can have. The Combine one because of large numbers and superior technology, but humans has always been determined; we are smart creatures, but we are also stupid. It was only the other day when I made a stupid decision; I was patrolling the D6 when I saw a young boy standing on scaffolding like platform. There was about a ten foot drop below him if he only took a step back. I walked up to the man and questioned him, he looked unusually young and the CCA didn’t allow anybody to be under the age of eighteen. He was truthful and told me his age. I was glad he told the truth and simply pushed him off the edge of the scaffolding. He fell all the way down and managed to land in a fire. The poor man was knocked out from the fall and burned to death in his sleep. It must have been a terrible way to die, but worse, I had to watch it happen.

I have killed many people in a short time. Sometimes I kill more in a day than the hours a day lasts. That ratio is not good for the city’s population. Sometimes other units get mad at me for my methods. I don’t think they should, I enjoy these methods. I thought about something, though. If you think about it, all citizens should be eligible for amputation the moment I have the need to search them. It is in the CCA’s etiquette that all citizens who are insane or mentally unfit should be killed on sight. Insanity is anything that is not sane, sanity implies the perfection of the human mind. Perfection implies defiance to the laws of physics and thus nobody is sane. And if this is not valid then I still have more fact behind this. If somebody commits ANY crime, they are not afraid of the CCA. Lack of fear is also insane and will be punished severely. My methods are not perfect, but they are efficient.

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