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Post by Slashraider on Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:46 pm

Hey all... It's Slashraider. I wanted to talk about P2L or Play 2 Lose.
I've seen a lot of people trying to win almost every /me thrown at them, even if its very minor. For example, If you are a unit and you are arresting a citizen for a minor thing and he tries to run? P2L. Chase him a bit, shoot at him, but P2L. There are more opportunities to finish that detainment quota but that could be the last opportunity for that citizen. He could have +11 points and he could have worked very hard on this character and doesn't want him to die. To you he is just another day on the job but to him it's his last chance and his heart could be beating. If it is a minor thing, please P2L. It will create much better RP with less arguments. Because one LOOC argument and I went from having a run time RPing to getting really mad and frustrated over a simple thing.

If it is a major thing (Like a character death fight, or high level detainee) then do rolls and some P2Ls. I'm just asking you all to enjoy RP much more, and to do so you have to lose some battles.

Some players are new and we here at TEH strive to make a new player's experience a better one. So give them a chance. Who knows, maybe they could be a regular or a staff here one day.

Thank you,

Sincerely, The Staff of The Terminal Gaming.

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Re: P2L

Post by Colonel HollerHavoc on Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:39 am

I would also advise paying strict attention if possible to the global announcement of P2L/rolling system. Thanks guys. Slash has a huge point, if you guys set examples for others, people will eventually follow. Happy Rping!

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